Stolen Icon

July 2015

Solo exhibition at Moosey Art gallery in Norwich, UK

Brew Toys

April 2015

Group show custom vinyl toys in Plastic Murs with Cranio Dsgn, Jalos, Discoh, Lawerta, MrZyan and Syntetyk among others. 

Moosey Art Opening Party

April 2015

Group show for the opening party of Moosey Art Gallery in Norwich, UK. Artists: The London Police, Malarko, Millo, Coté Escrivá, Will Barras and David Shillinglaw.

MBC Fest 

April 2015

Live painting at 1st edition of MBC Festival with artists: Jorge Lawerta, Carla Fuentes, María Herreros, Laura Castelló, Luis Demano, Mar Hernández, Elena Mir and Sr. López.

Sentaet Custom Tour

December 2014

Collective exhibition at Mr.Pink Gallery  where 22 artists customized a ceramic toy designed by me and produced by Domanises. Artists: Ricardo Cavolo, Brosmind, Rubenimichi, Alex Trochut, Jorge Lawerta, David Mendez Alonso, “Misterthefreak”, María Herreros, Bakea, Tactelgraphics, Agustín Esteso, Cachete Jack, Belén Segarra, Jacklover, Azucena González, Marcos Martínez , Valero Doval, Ausias Pérez, Elena Mir, Agente Morillas, Grace García, Juan Carlos Iñesta y Coté Escrivá.

Fresh and Fun

December 2014

Collective exhibition organized by Plastic Murs adn Zeta Beer. Artists: Agustín Esteso, Bakea, Dulk, Cachete Jack, Cere, Coté Escrivá, Gabi de la Merced, Ibie, Keis, Lawerta, María Herreros, Marina Capdevila, Pau Sampera, Sara Sanz & Twee Muizen

Urban Trend #2

November 2014

Exhibition with my pal Grace Garcia in the 2nd edition of Urban Trend event at Mercado de Tapinería, Valencia.


Kartell Custom Chair

October 2014

Group exhibition where artists María Herreros, Luce, Coté Escrivá and Paco Caballer customized a kartell chair. 

Art & Bikes

July 2014

Collective exhibition in CaLLuis, Valencia. Customized bike frames by artsists that where auctioned off for charity. Artists: Coté Escrivá, Julieta XLF, Agustín Esteso, Tactelgraphics, Jorge Lawerta, Terelo, Julián Martínez, María Herreros, Grace García, Inma Bermúdez, Moritz Krefter, Boke Bazán & Toni Soriano.

Un designer toy artesanal

June 2014

An artisan designer toy is a documentary about the pleasure of creating toys, getting hands dirty, and learning from mistakes, made y the guys of Syntetyk, who invited some artists to customize their toys for a group show at the premiere of the documentary in LaRambleta. 

SanSan Festival

June 2014

Collective exhibition in SanSan Festival in Gandia. Artists: Coté Escrivá, Andy Paneque, Cranio Design, Alex Monzo, Aneprac and Julian Martinez.

Music - Radiocity

May 2014

Collective exhibition organized by Plasticmurs on the 30th anniversary of Radiocity, Valencia. Artists: Adrián Robos, Alonso Mena, Aneprac, Coté Escrivá, David de Limón, Deih, Dyox, Hector Pozuelo, Julio Pardo, Josu Kuro, Julia Pract, María Herreros, Areyoudead? & Xelön.

La otra parte

April 2014

Collective exhibition in Madame Mim, Ruzafa, Valencia. Artists: Manu Berjillós, Josep Casaña, Omega, Medio, Deih, Xèlön, Limón, Fabio Fastone, Mayi Rodríguez, Laura Castelló, Belén Segarra, Coté Escrivá, Chete Sánchez, Elena Aguilar, Marta Marzal, Ausiás Perez, Willy, Julio Pardo, Héctor Pozuelo, Turkesa, Lorena Sanchis, Inka, Dadi Dreucol, Joan Quirós, Jose Gracia, Gabriel, Toni Signes, Mexi, Saturno, Vicente Perpiñá, Adrián Robos, Are you Dead?, Mish Laput, Aneprac & Napol 

Urban Trend

March 2014

Exhibition with my pal Andy Paneque in the Urban Trend event at Mercado de Tapinería, Valencia.

Strap Opening Party

March 2014

Exhibition at the opening party of Strap, Valencia. 

Mindblown Universe

February 2014

First ever solo exhibition at Sho BCN Gallery. With the collaboration of Jägermeister, Estrella Damm, Blixt and Strap.

Circuito de Ilustración

February 2014

Collective exhibition in various areas of the city and with the participation of artists such as Conrad Roset, Paula Bonet, Maria Herreros and Jorge Lawerta among others.

La Seu Mostra

November 2013

Exhibition in Lazaro Aznar Photography Studio with María Herreros and urban street artist Luce.

Art In My Mouth

November 2013

'Art In My Mouth' was Moosey Art's first major group show. It took place in Stew Gallery, Norwich and featured some young artists from the world of street and graffity.

RDS 2.0

September 2013

RDS = Retorno del Sentimiento. Collective exhibition at Centro de Artesanía CV with pieces made in collaboration designer/artisan. In my case the pieces exhibited were The Sentaets, done in collaboration with Juan Carlos Iñesta of Domanises.